Nathan Bibb

About this Site

This is the personal web site of David Nathan Bibb (known as Nathan Bibb to most people). The purpose of this site is as a personal online journal, and to make available personal audio recordings of music I have written. All material is produced by me as far as I am aware unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions about this site or want to contact the web master (that's also me - if that's still even a valid title), you can send an email to

Music Licensing

I retain copyright control of all the music on this site, but if you would like to license the music for a project, please feel free to contact me. I will likely license any non-profit art project for no fee, and any commercial licensing will be negotiated.

Professional Inquiries

I work as an IT Business/Systems Analyst in the Insurance industry. This site is about my personal interests - if you are interested in my professional career, please see my professional site at