Nathan Bibb


Being a child of the 80s, I had an early love for technology and the earliest days of home computing. I had a full budget set-up at home - TRS-80 Color Computer hooked up to an old 13-inch television, dot-matrix printer, and 5 1/4" floppy disk drive. It was the bomb.

I dropped tech for a while to study History and French during the tech doldrums of the early 90s, but in 1999 came back when I started working on Web Development. Since then, I have worked in Project Management and Business Analysis in software design, specializing in online software and web services integration.

I get really geeked out when I start talking about really low level technologies like text encoding, command line interfaces, basically anything text-based. This includes XML based services like SOAP as well as things like shell scripting.

I was a long time Macintosh fan, but in recent years I have gotten more and more interested in Linux and other *nix-like systems. I also have used Windows based systems for work since 1999 or so, but I prefer the command line I am used to.

Personal Gear

Below is a list (likely to become outdated) of my current personal tech gear.